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What is the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment?

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Firstbeat can model your physiology digitally. The 24h analysis reveals what affects your well-being during work, leisure and sleep. By undergoing a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment you can identify the steps towards leading a fuller and more balanced life.

Firstbeat reveals the link between lifestyle and well-being.

  • Do you get enough recovery? How well do you sleep?

  • Do you experience too much stress? Which events consume and restore your resources?

  • Are you active enough? Are you exercising effectively?

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Service includes:

  • A three-day round-the-clock measurement of heart rate variability during work, sleep and leisure time

  • Shipping and returning of the Bodyguard 2 measuring device

  • A clear and easy to interpret personal report of your assessment via e-mail

  • 30-minute feedback call with one of our well-being specialists

  • Recommendations for next steps to improve your well-being

Do you really know how much your life takes out of you? Why not find out?

To learn more about the scientific background that underpins Firstbeat click here.

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